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StoneBella has been in business for 21 years at the same location! The quality of our handmade products is impeccable!
We have worked with Homeowners, Interior Designers, Architects on projects in every state in the USA, and during this time
we have produced thousands of Stone products.
Our communications skills and reputation with customers are top-notch, and we will bend over backward to protect this reputation.
We take great pride in our 100% approval rating for all online shopping transactions, with over 4000 fireplace mantles sold during this time, including 750 freight shipments, with a 100% approval rating. No One in the industry can say this.

10 ‘HUGE’ Reasons Why You Should Buy from StoneBella

Everything we take pictures of is physically in our StoneBella warehouse and available to purchase and ship to your location.
We DO NOT tell you that “The actual product is made of a slightly different marble than the one you are purchasing”.
We DO NOT offer a product to you from an obscure photo and tell you that we can ship it out 12 to 16 weeks later!
When we take photos of our products we highlight all areas of the unique stone so there are no surprises to the customer.

The quality of the packing is crazy IMPORTANT!
At StoneBella we do not “hire out” the packing of our products, we pack everything ourselves in our warehouse.
Our packing technique was developed by a design laboratory of a professional packing company that has been in the packing business since 1960!
It is time tested with hundreds of successful shipments!
We use a full “Foam Lined Crate” packing system and all of our crates are sealed with 100% plywood (no slat crates for forklifts to poke through).
We DO NOT tell you that “shipping is the responsibility of the buyer”.
We do not ship without first “Bullet-Proofing” the wooden crate so that it will withstand USA Trucking Company’s handling of it whether it is going 100
miles or 4000 miles. Our crates are fitted with ‘Shock Watch’ safety indicators, and we provide detailed instructions on how to receive a shipment.

We give you many photos of each product so that you can see from many angles what you are buying.
We DO NOT give you only one photo and let you guess what the rest of it looks like. We do not hide anything!

You are dealing with a REAL business with a REAL warehouse with a REAL reputation.
We are StoneBella located at 625 Kearney Ave. in Modesto California and would welcome your visit to inspect these items for sale!
We have been in business for 21 years and it is the highest priority to make sure we keep a good reputation in business.
We are not just an internet company or “here today and gone tomorrow”.

Our warehouse is located in California and we have shipped to every state in the USA (and export too!).
A large percentage of our customer base is located on the Eastern United States.

When we give you a quote, that’s the real shipping quote, not an estimate. 
We DO NOT tell you that you will have to contact a trucking company and ask them what their fees are.  We are open and have no hidden fees.

Once a product is shipped, we provide Tracking Information, and Receiving Instructions on how you should accept delivery.

We work with many customers that are in the process of building or remodeling and are not ready to have the product shipped to their location.

We understand the scheduling difficulties involved so we are happy to store your product in our warehouse for free until you are ready to have it shipped. 

We often get letters from customers telling us how they appreciate our family and how nicely they were treated. If you deal with us, we hope that you will find this to be true.  We find great joy in helping our customers find the perfect product selection and guiding them through the process. 

We have many lifelong friendships that have been made that started as StoneBella customers.

We accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Personal Checks, Direct Bank Deposit, Cashiers Checks.

We often make products that start out as just a concept in customers mind, we even get people that give us a torn-out page from a magazine and say “can you make this?” We can make any design, out of many types of Marble or Granite. We work with you, or your Architect, or Contractor or Interior Designer to get what you want.  We use a CAD program to help Conceptualize final designs and settings.


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